Simplified Scorekeeping for Teen Bible Quiz Teams

Less time adding, more time coaching

E-Score instantly calculates in-round information, making it easy to know how many points you’re ahead/behind by and even whether the match is mathematically over.

Stats instantly calculated for the entire competition

E-Score calculates all the data from an event, including:

AverageWin/Loss marginsPoints & quizoutsAccuracyAccuracy broken down by 10s-20s-30s
Get the information you need to coach your team without having to do the math!

Built on a Solid Foundation

E-Score is built entirely on Microsoft Excel with no macros. That why it's worked flawlessly on Windows and macOS since 2007.

Easy Reference

Learn as much (or as little) as you want! Get up and running quickly by watching the tutorials, or get a detailed overview in the manual.

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